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5 Most Common Challenges International Students Face and Ways to
Overcome Them

5 Most Common Challenges International Students Face and Ways to Overcome Them:

Studying abroad is a dream of almost every student, but it still brings some challenges no matter how fancy this journey appears. In this post, I will be sharing with you the five most common challenges international students face and ways to overcome them. So without further ado, let's get started.
1. Communication
It is one of the most common and biggest challenges that almost every international student face abroad. No matter how much you had studied that language in school, you might still feel nervous when talking to the native speakers of that language.
You have to interact with the natives every day. All of the lectures and study materials will be in that language, so running away or being nervous is not the solution. Take it as a challenge and try to overcome it by interacting with the natives. You might think that they will make fun of your accent, but that's not the case. Most people appreciate that you are trying to speak their language.
2. Currency Differences
The second common challenge international students’ face is the currency difference. The country you are going to move to have a different currency than yours.
The solution to this problem is that keep some money in the currency of the country you are moving onto. Secondly, you will feel lost when you buy something because you will start converting that amount into your currency in your head. The solution to this problem is that download a currency converter on your cell phone. Trust me. It will save a lot of your time.
3. Cultural Differences
Another common challenge is cultural difference. We are mostly not aware of the norms of the country we are moving on to, so we sometimes make big blunders because of which people make fun of us. The solution is that after reaching there, try to interact with the locals of that country as much as possible. Also, Google it when you hear something unfamiliar. In this way, you will learn about lots of slang commonly used in day to day life. Also, you will get to know about whats acceptable and whats not in that country's culture. For instance, shaking hands is common in most countries, but some countries might feel offended by it.
4. Finance
Managing finance on day to day basis is another most common challenge international student's
face. Primarily those who were previously financially dependent on their families might find it most
challenging. No matter how much money you got you still have to manage it smartly, so you don't
feel exhausted at the end of each month.
Take accommodation according to your budget and adjust your lifestyle according to it; otherwise, you will be in debt and feel depressed.
5. Homesickness
Let's face it we all feel homesick at some point in our lives when we are away from our home, family, or country. It's natural and completely normal. You might also miss your parents, siblings, your room, your favorite place where you used to sit, and definitely you will miss your homeland. Sobbing and living in the past is not the solution. Don't let homesickness overcome you and let you feel drained and de-motivated. Instead, get out of your bed and interact with your classmates, make new friends, explore new places, and interact with the local people of that country. In this way, you will merge in that culture quickly.
International students face lots of problems while studying abroad. If you encounter any of these problems, keep in mind that you are not alone in that boat, and most people like you are also facing these problems. Take these problems as a challenge and learning opportunity. We are an education consulting company, and we offer visa services. If you are planning to study abroad or got any questions related to it, you can contact us.

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